Become an elegant woman who ages gracefully

Many times, I, like any ordinary middle-aged woman, have an inexplicable fear of my true age. I fear becoming like yesterday's withered flower, growing old and losing my charm, my figure becoming increasingly cumbersome, the silver threads on my head multiplying, climbing stairs leaving me more breathless, and work becoming more challenging!

There was a time when I tried to keep my mental age in my twenties, but the changes in my appearance and physique forced me to admit that I am a middle-aged woman. So, I developed an indescribable resistance to the passage of time.

However, after quiet reflection, I realized that days will continue to pass silently, age will continue to increase day by day, and wrinkles will continue to appear one by one. I came to understand that the only constant is a youthful heart and an elegant demeanor that grows with time.

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09 Apr 2024