Embracing Aging: The Importance of Early Retirement Planning and Preparation for Old Age

We all have old age one day. Prepare well to grow old. Early retirement planning. Aging is not scary.

Everyone will grow old, but most people easily overlook the physiological and psychological changes that may occur with aging.

As the population ages, retirement age is no longer limited to sixty years old, and more and more people are working until they are over seventy years old. In fact, it's not about working until a certain age, but whether you have planned well for your life after retirement. Many friends and patients around me work until the last moment before retirement, neglecting to establish a life circle and interpersonal relationships outside of work in advance. As a result, they feel lost and lack vitality after retirement.

"It's never too late to prepare for old age." Make a decision now and embark on the true second half of your life!"

09 Apr 2024